Online Content Now Available

Because in Calque we stress the need to give translators space to illustrate their critical approach, the online publication of our translators' essays and interviews will be a running feature of the journal. These essays and interviews are free to be read in their entirety, and we hope they will incline readers to purchase a copy of the journal to see how these approaches play out in practice. Our first installment of online publications features:

• An essay by Brandon Holmquest investigating how The Art and Practice of Poetic Translation defines his approach to translations of poems by Jorge Luis Borges

An Interview with Hungarian poet Sándor Kányádi by his translator Paul Sohar

• An essay by Paul Sohar contextualizing The Roots of Sándor Kányádi's Poetry and their connection to his five translations in Issue One

• A translation of Juan Bosch's Notes on the Art of Writing Stories, the essay Steve Dolph used to guide his translation of Bosch's "The Masters" for Issue One

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