Néstor Perlongher,
"How can we be so lovely"

Translated from the Spanish by Steve Dolph.

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Néstor Perlongher was born on Christmas Eve, 1949, in Buenos Aires and died of AIDS in Sao Paolo, Brazil, just shy of forty-three years old. His various electronic biographers dub him: Trotskyite, anarchist, sex worker anthropologist, militant gay-liberationist, Queer theorist, and Santo Deime cultist. His poetry has been called neo-baroque by several of these, including himself. This poem is from Austria-Hungaría (Tierra Baldía, Buenos Aires, 1980).

Steve Dolph edits this journal.

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Kirsten Ashley said...

I heard this read at the 215 Festival in Philly. I'm very impressed with the work. Is there anywhere else to get more of his translated poetry?